Sonja Stiefel's Homepage

Fiber and Leather Arts

This page is for knitting, felting, spinning and weaving, shoe-making and anything else I think will fit here. 

Starting New Socks

This is the beginning of my second pair of handmade socks.  The first pair were all purple made in Boston years ago and I still wear them.

Handmade slippers

These slippers are made from upholstery fabric, industrial wool felt and Vibram soles.  They are warm and durable.

Medieval Costume

I made this hand painted costume for a theatrical production of A Lion in Winter.  It was worn by King Philip of France.

Bog shoes

These are iron-age Celtic bog shoes.  They are the European answer to the North American moccasin.  I made them from I leather coat I picked up at the thrift store,  They fit well and are really comfortable.  They are a bit thin soled, so walking on rough gravel is not so good. 

Leaf Print T-Shirt

This is a shirt I made when I lived in Virginia.  I sure miss the wonderful deciduous trees and forests!

Outstiched Shoes with Vibram Soles

These are all sewn by hand.  They won a first place ribbon in the New Mexico State Fair a couple years ago.

Medieval Turnshoes

These are a pair of turnshoes I made a little while back.  They are lined with a thick layer of wool felt and are very comfortable to wear.