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I am taking a class at UNM called: Becoming a Professional Cartoonist.  I signed up for the class as a way to get my feet wet as an illustrator.  I have always wanted to do children's book illustrations, but I needed to figure out how an illustration is different from a painting.  I was hoping this class might help.  And I think it is.  The teacher is Stephen McCranie.  He has a rather interesting web page, which I will link to on my links page.  We are creating a 10-15 page finished comic for the class.  Mine, a romance,  is coming along nicely, but may end up longer than 15 pages.  Once it is scanned, I will post it somewhere on this web page so you can look at it. 

Other news:  I just linked my two new time-lapse painting videos from YouTube to my Art Shop page.  If you haven't seen them already, you should go look.  Each is only 3 or 4 minutes long, and I think they are cool. 
1/29/2023 11:52:24 pm

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