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I feel like a kid on Christmas.  I just published my first video to YouTube.  It is a time lapse video of me painting an small painting from start to finish in 8 minutes.  It is totally awesome and completely flawed.  That is nice, because it leaves room for improvement for my next one.  I am going to link to it on the tab "Art Shop".  My awesome brother, Ian, was here for the holidays and he set me up with lots of cool software, including Virtual Dub, which I used with Windows Movie Maker to produce the Video.  It was so fun to do, I hope to do another soon. 
1/25/2010 11:10:45 am

Wonderful work! I enjoyed watching the vision come to life!

1/30/2010 03:31:10 pm

Die Malgruppe Kloster Schmerlenbach ist begeistert vom Kurzvideo. Weiter so.

9/20/2012 08:15:35 am

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